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You can reach me in various ways :

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Posted by Genesis8bit on Thu Dec 4 12:03:32 2014


j'ai vu sur cpcwiki (http://www.cpcwiki.eu/forum/applications/contiki/) l'annonce de ton fort cpc de contiki. Très intéressant et ton texte d'introduction sur gitghub est fort bien.

Puis-je le reprendre tel quel pour faire une news sur mon site ?

A propos de grafx2, une prochaine version sur le feu, la dernière est de 2012 si je ne dis pas de bétises (j'ai regardé pendant le dernier meeting reset).

bonne journée.

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Posted by Alt Tycho on Thu Dec 10 18:10:38 2020

Hello sir,

I am trying to flash firmware for some devices that are running ATJ2167 and ATJ2127 chips, separately. The project at hand is very odd but basically I must be able to flash a new update.hex on a rom that is completely customized in the name of security.

Without getting into details too much I was hoping to chat with you about the project in depth and maybe you could give me some direction. I am a layman and don't know much but am trying to find someone who would be interested in this project. Compensation is due for the time you spend of course.

Look forward to hearing from you.

A. Tycho

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Posted by Alt User on Fri Oct 1 02:06:17 2021

Thanks sir,

Keep writing great stuff like this -

What do you prefer for chatting Jabber or email?

All the best for your projects. Will reply when possible.

Alt User

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